Guest Agreement

We are looking forward to your visit! Our desire is that your visit on campus will be a great blessing to you, your family, and to the other guests and staff joining you.

In order to help make the experience as safe and wholesome as we can for all guests and staff, we ask for your cooperation in the following Campus Guest Agreement guidelines. While the guidelines are based upon some practical considerations, they are also designed to show respect and deference to the needs and sensitivities of others with the goal of honoring the Lord in all that we do.


The main gates to the Campus (Hwy 80/Academy Blvd) are regularly open from 5:30 AM–5:30 PM. When driving on Campus, please observe all traffic signs and refrain from texting while driving. We also maintain an active airplane runway that intersects with Orange Grove Blvd. Walking, biking, or driving on this runway is prohibited. Because the Campus is used as a training facility, there may be some areas that are off limits during your time here.

Please be aware of the location of your children at all times, regardless of age, and give them guidance on when and where they can or cannot go. Because there is a substantial amount of traffic on Campus during special events, extra attention should be given in crossing the streets or walking through parking lots.


With the exception of licensed peace officers, the open carry of any firearm (handgun, rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader) by guests is strictly forbidden on Campus, even with a valid state permit. Any firearm brought for traveling protection must remain concealed during your entire stay on Campus. 30.07 signs are posted at all gates. 

Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Use

The possession or use of any alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or illegal drugs is prohibited on Campus.


Several recreational activities and facilities on Campus may be available for use with prior permission and/or registration. Please contact Campus Operations for more information. Please note that IBLP and IAA are not responsible for any injuries during your visit. Because injuries can occur, participants in various events and recreational activities must assume personal responsibility for their own safety and health care, should the need arise.

Sunday is designated as a day of worship and rest.

Media Release

International ALERT Academy (IAA) and the Institute of Basic Life Principles (IBLP) retain the right to use/and or publish any photograph or video taken at any event sponsored by IAA/IBLP or hosted on Campus.

Pet Policy

We have a strict no pet policy, even within the Campground. Service animals are welcomed only after prior arrangement with the Campus Operations department; registration must include official disability verification.

Dress Code

Overall attire for IBLP/IAA sponsored events is conservative and modest in style. Spandex, low rise pants, or skinny jeans, and other fitted clothing are not permitted. Please refrain from wearing sleeveless tops.

If you will be joining us in the Dining Room for meals, we ask that men wear collared shirts and ladies wear skirts or dresses in keeping with the dining decorum observed by our students and staff. (Skirts should be below the knees when sitting, and not tight, clingy, or see-through.)

Appropriate Swimwear at the lake includes dark-colored t-shirts and knee-length shorts (on top of regular bathing suits if needed). Be aware that the lakefront area may be closed to guests during your stay. You may confirm lakefront availability with Campus Operations upon your arrival.

Appropriate Gym Attire requires loose fitting clothing. Shorts, sweatpants and skirts must be at least knee length. Sleeveless tops, spandex, and other fitted clothing are not permitted. Appropriate gym shoes must be worn by all.

With IBLP/IAA administrative approval, ministry programs and outside entities using the Campus may prepare event specific dress and activity guidelines. (Please look for these event-specific guidelines within your registration information. Family Camp’s event-specific attire is located here.)

Lost and Found

IBLP and IAA cannot be responsible for any lost or damaged items during your stay. Lost items not claimed within 30 days will be discarded.

Please let us know if you have any questions in regard to our Guest Agreement. Our goal, above all others, is to glorify God and to make Him known to all we serve.